Hi There.

This is my first entry into what could become a worldwide scandal? Nah. I’ve been busy trying to think of an intro but then I realised, Hey, if this is a “Diary” then why do I need an intro? Then my chain of thought stretched further and I was thinking, Why do people even HAVE intros? To appeal to the public? To appear well to themselves, or their friends? Hm. I bet I could name at least 35 people at my school, who will do anything to appear “famous” on Instagram, or Snapchat. (Both I don’t have..) And they’ll even get up at 2:00am to check their Follower count. So this is what I’m telling you. Be yourself. Take this diary for example. You’re about to read about the raw, unorganised mess that is my life. So, take it from me and be truthful.

BloggerGirl, going back to the real world. xx

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