[186] ~*Mon – 02/05/18*~

[12:54 pm]

Question of the moment: to go or not to go?!?! My last client cancelled once again so I can either go home and nap before I have to work at the store or go to the Casino and try my free $5 and spend $20 to eat there with my friend. I sorta want to go since I haven’t seen my friend since last Mon but I’m a bit scared I’ll want to gamble some more. I was thinking of letting her play my $5 so I wouldn’t even touch a machine. 

Anyways, I was right last night. I was super exhausted but had such a hard time sleeping. I woke up a lot during the night. It’s so weird how I wake up the most when I’m super tired. I was trying not to look at the time but I did at 7 am which was a good thing cause I had a text telling me my first client had cancel so I could sleep an extra three hours. I was super happy about that but of course, I kept having trouble sleeping. Blah!

I haven’t changed purse yet and I want to wrap my old one and give it to my friend as a joke. Haha! Her Bday’s on the 19th but I don’t think I can keep using my old one all the way there. Then again, I’m being lazy so maybe I could. Talking about being lazy, tomorrow I need to clean the suggies cage but I have a feeling it won’t happen as I feel I will be sleeping all day. I also need to go shop for stuff to make their food as they are running out of cubes. Blah!

Well, we’re about to leave the library so I should prob end my entry. I did find three books that were in my “for later” list of books I wanted to read so I will finally have books to read with me. It just felt wrong to be without books. 




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