A new obsession

I recently discovered the joy of podcasts. I love to read but it is pretty hard to read and knit at the same time. I am really loving a podcast cast called “small town murder”. It is a couple of comedians talking about, you guessed it, small town murders and it is amazing. 

What is it with women and our obsession with true crime? I like to think it is a defense mechanism of sorts. Teaching ourselves to be cautious because look what happened to this person who let their guard down. Perhaps I am just being paranoid. Probably. Definitely.

2 thoughts on “A new obsession”

  1. I love podcasts! Have you listened to Serial? It was my first podcast and what got me hooked. It is true crime and amazing! Well the first season was about a murder case. The second season was about a military case…it wasn’t as good as the first in my opinion.

  2. @cherrywine Oooooh! Thank you for the suggestion. I am almost caught up with the series that I am listening to now. I will check that one out next.

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