Balanced Harmony

It was a good week back at work, I was obviously refreshed after my week off and ready to throw myself back into it, plus I love my job and keeping busy keeps my mood up. I seem to talk about work a lot but one thing I forgot to mention is I had an interview for a promotion on the 19th of January, last week my line manager phoned me to tell me I had been successful and I officially started my new role as a specialist on the 1st of Feb. Nothing much will change, I will be supervised by a higher manager, have one extra task to be responsible for and there will be a small increase in pay which won’t be reviewed until April 2019 but apart from that, little changes, big progress.

I did better with organising my meals, I actually cooked and took the leftovers to work every day limiting my spend on convenience which is a mini goal of mine.

I started lyrically listening to my CD’s again, its ages since I’ve listened to my own music. Christmas gifts of Pink who I love but have never owned any of her music until now and Paloma Faith to add to my growing collection ever since relating to her tune ‘Upside Down’ back in 2010 started this off.

I was rotaed off for this weekend but made no plans. I started a new unit for my coursework and completed limited household chores.

Tonight I watched Dancing on Ice which is my favourite ever programme and a highlight to my Sundays.

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