Broken up

 I just wanted to write some things down so I remember all the shit that has happened and I won’t go back to him.

  1. We started casually dating (only 3 dates) and he slept with her. He told me and we cut off all contact. It hurt.
  2. He messaged me while they were trying to “work things out” a month later to be friends. I didn’t know they were back together.
  3. She messaged me saying all of the above ^ and they had withdrawn their divorce papers. I blocked him from everything.
  4. A few weeks after that, we started talking again. We decided to start dating because he ensured me the divorce papers were back in and they were done.
  5. She went psychotic. Messaged me. Warning me about him.
  6. She was still going crazy. Tons of texts. Tons of calls. Messaged me again. She decided to file a police report on something in the past against him.
  7. She came to the house once, screaming and going crazy. I heard her scream my name a few times. He stayed outside with her for almost an hour, trying to “calm her down” while I waited inside the house. She talked about how she was suicidal. He didn’t do anything about it.
  8. She was dating a sex offender, someone who had gone to prison for child pornography. Their children met him. Her new bf was over there with her and the kids often. I never met them.
  9. I was there for him while he sobbed that his ex-wife could try to tear him apart from his children so she could make this new little “family” with the sex offender. I gave him advice. Tried to get his mind off of it. Tried to be as supportive as possible.
  10. He told me she called asking him if he was even upset that she left, if he missed her, etc. This really made me uncomfortable.
  11. She started calling more, asking about our sexual life. He lied and said he didn’t tell her anything, but he did. I saw it in a text.
  12. She compared him to my abusive ex-husband. I don’t know how she knows about my ex. Asked if he was ruining me sexually like he ruined her.
  13. She messaged me out of nowhere telling me she was totally okay with me meeting the kids. I finally blocked her from everything. Talk about hot and cold.
  14. He constantly told me about she’d text him about her depression, if she was in an abusive relationship with her current bf, etc. I was so mad he was entertaining her, over and over. One day he said they were texting, she asked what was wrong and if him and I had broken up, he said no, and she replied “gay.”
  15. He canceled plans with me while I was in the middle of making him a nice dinner.
  16. Her excuse for not taking the kids was that their bed wasn’t put together. I was beyond livid, and after all of this, decided to break things off with him.
  17. He convinced me to get back together, that he was going to establish better boundaries, keep me more in the dark about her, etc. 
  18. She messaged me the minute she found out and told me to GO AWAY. I blocked her 3rd instagram account (she made a new one to message me).
  19. Things were good for about a month. I noticed she texted him less. We didn’t talk about her at all. I was doing a lot better, thought boundaries were in place.
  20. He told me she had broken up with her bf. I was a little nervous about this because I wasn’t sure how she was going to react.
  21. I saw a few times she had sent him snapchats (why the fuck would you have her on snapchat after she tried to put you in prison???) and that she started calling/texting/snapchatting late again. I felt myself getting frustrated that he took off all the personal boundaries now that she wasn’t with her bf (who she claimed was abusive and controlling, which is why she acted the way she did).
  22. The icing on the cake was when he said he was going to try and be “friendly” and “friends” with her. That he was going to try and trust her again. I felt like he was prioritizing her happiness over mine, that after everything she did to both him and ME PERSONALLY, he would trust her weeks after she messaged me to go away. I bet she had some great excuses for all of that.
  23. I finally confronted him about it. He said he was just a forgiving person, he was always willing to give people more chances, etc. I realized that if he’s not going to acknowledge that this is a SEVERE ISSUE with a MENTALLY UNSTABLE woman, that I was not going to be in his life anymore.
  24. I broke up with him. I’m fucking mad and hurt and so many other things. He needs extreme therapy and co-parenting classes on how to establish boundaries with her and also how to have a healthy relationship without her being involved.


I am feeling really stupid after reading all of this. 

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