Confessions of a Risin’ Star

(Pic: Did some shopping to ease my mind…)

This “rise” is sorta amazin’…but I still prefer things down low. Ya know, low-key free of unnecessary hate.

I was unaware when I chose the fate of fame/success at age 6, of the balance that comes along with it. Still, it did n’t stop me from churning and weaving my own reality…

There’s a lot I walk around with (inside my mind, I mean). The place I call home is sorta confused. It’s not totally the nobodies’ fault. I mean, my process is methodical and paced, kinda like Novocain: but it always works. Still, I’m shrugging a lot of (ie. guys & girls going out of the way to make sure I see them w/ others, so called friends/jealous family members trolling my sites for moves they can steal, etc.)

This magic called my life is also quite interesting. See, I’m keeping my success as hidden as possible(my managers don’t know I post & share here). When you do that, the people who don’t realize you’re lit, treat you like they see themselves; however, if you choose light (within), you’ll see ‘errything’.

Tonight, I realized something I forgot…Well, lets just say, that ‘my abilities’ are multifaceted.

Let’s just see what “it” do(es)… 😉

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