2 years 7 months and 8 days 

that’s how long its been since we decided to embark on what would be the hardest, most wonderful, most hurtful situation of my life. all i wanted was your love but i come to this agreement of ending it and you just sit there and say ok. I bullshit my way around the reasons but the point is I’m not happy with you. 

Don’t get me wrong, we have moments where its all fine and dandy but its not long before we pick a fight or you say something you dont find offensive and i do and i cant keep living like this anymore 

i may move to austin 

i may stay here and ho

i may dive into alcoholism 

i may find success 

whatever i do my heart will be in it 


until then. Im sorry to lose you. im sorry for this hurt we both feel. im sorry for not being enough for you. im sorry for being sorry when im not at fault. 

i loved you then and i sure as fuck still love you today and tomorrow and for many tomorrows to come. 

But damn it. i need to be loved too! i deserve to feel like i belong in your world. i deserve to know that i matter in your life. 

i just wanted to see if you would fight for me. but i guess im not worth it to you. 

One thought on “HEARTBREAK”

  1. You deserve to be THE most important person in your lover’s life. I’m sorry you are so sad. I understand. But please don’t try drinking to drown out the pain. It will only create a whole new set of problems. For real. Love to you, and hope.

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