I’m Back!

Got my Journal back….why would anyone try to hack this….AND there’s no way anyone would ever get my password….I wasn’t born yesterday or the day before! Anyway there is nothing here Kids! I was able to pick my work shifts for next cycle and I, to my surprise, was able to get my first choices! What!!!  That’s what I said…What! This is a first and I of course will not hold that it will be like this next time or the time after that. But it feels nice and I’ll take that as there really isn’t much nice. My sister is not taking the trip to family function in a couple of weeks…..And I’m very glad! I’ll have a hotel room all to myself and I won’t have to really have to deal with anyone and then there is the last night at my cousins house and baby that’s it! And I’ve decided to pull my cousin aside and tell him to leave the drinking Sh$% alone and that I find it hurtful and see what he does with that…only if he says something about it first of course. And I won’t have a problem telling him where to go and I don’t care if we speak or not. So there you go….there’s more but for now I have to go. It’s nice to have this journal back as I didn’t want to lose it. Why try to hack this? Thanks

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  1. I have noticed, that there is a lot of Spammy time of journals, if that is what you call it, on this site. I don’t click on any of it. Like what you said, WHY Hack a journal? LOL. Enjoy your evening.

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