in a funk

Do you ever just get into a weird mood for no reason? Like there are days you wake up, not mad or sad, just meh. Its hard to explain I guess. I’m not mad, really. Well I guess I am mad at myself for spending money, but at the same time, I work my ass off for my paychecks, and it sucks that I live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe its just me but I feel like I should reward myself for my hard work. 

Anyways, I do feel blessed. I showed my mom this purse that I wanted and her and my brother were going to try and buy it for me as a surprise. I told them not to because it was expensive. Im not blessed because my brother and mom were willing to purchase the purse, I’m blessed because they are the only two people in this world that would do anything for me. They are so selfless and kind. God, I am so blessed for them. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them. 

Thank you God for my mom and brother. 

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