Monday February 5th

School is on a 2 hour delay today. People are pissed off about it. Understandably so- they didn’t make the call until almost 6am. I was already up and getting ready at that point, as were a lot of people. The bus drivers were already at work! They will get a lot of grief over this one. The weather looks iffy all week. 

I am trying to be responsible about money starting now. I am going to do my very best to save up enough to buy a house next year. I may not have enough until after I get my next year’s tax refund, though. Right now, I only have about a thousand dollars left over each month after I pay my bills. That money will go for food, gas, etc. Maybe I will be able to make a little extra money this summer. Surely my school will have some sort of summer program. I doubt I could make much, but anything would help. I must have 10k saved to buy a house, and probably need more like 15k. I will try to get the sellers to pay the closing costs if possible. Maybe Trump will crash the economy like W did and I will be able to get a house for cheap. I need to make a list of exactly what I want and not settle for anything else. I would like for this house to be my last one. 

Later, that same day…

I do think my depression is getting better- at least a little better. I am trying to be in charge of my money again- like a grown up. I will never save up enough to buy a house if I don’t. And then I got to furnish it. I know I can keep applying for jobs when they are posted, but I am beginning to think that someone like me has zero chance of getting a great job. I think they give them to their friends and family. I think that’s how Faith got her job down there- her husband has a job there and I’m guessing that other person with the same last name and an even higher up job is who got her husband his job. I am frustrated with that mess. It’s just not fair, but I guess life’s not fair. 


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