Time is a measurement created by mankind to gauge the series of events. It is a currency for all things going; a constance. We need to know it as we all have routines to stick to, or for survival needs such as times whereby we need to know when that rice field needs to be harvested. Or when your loved ones will be waiting at the diners at an agreed location and moment. 

Yet, it is a monster, for some parts. 

It doesn’t ‘takes away’ your youth. No it does not. It just sets a gauge as a reminder, and as a comparison how different you are than before. It acts as a medium for comparison, that is. ‘You are different from how you were few years back.’ 

All living things die and reborn. And with our both arms open we come to this world, wailing our lungs out in the delivery room as though we can take in everything in this world at that moment and with both our palms closed we leave this world, taking nothing with us but with time sitting by our death beds. Scary isn’t it? Our clocks started ticking the moment we land foot on this very earth. Not ticking up, but ticking down. 

Oh, and time doesn’t heal. Hell no it does not. In fact, it does nothing. We heal ourselves. We are the strong warriors, fighting our own battles in our own ways. What does time do? It just ticks by. It breaks events up so we have different segments in our lives to look forward to, to dread for that matter. 

Now it’s the sweet part. No pun-intended but, sometimes, it is also an amazing existential measurement. How some things in your life can fall into place at the most unexpected moment in time with some odd twist of fate and sleight of hand. And looking back in time, you see how far you’ve come, you’ve grown and blossomed with a beautiful mind, to carry no hatred or feud with your past, and to accept things that you can’t change with an open and matured heart that ages like wine. And along the way, you look back to see the view that you’ve left behind from the rearview mirror and that’s when you tell yourself, leave what’s meant to be left behind, behind you. 

And that my dear, is the sweetest part.


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