Positive mindset have good effect on me I have noticed good things are coming to me, I have been into self-improvement stuff from quite a lot of time now but It’s just the beginning of the journey self-improvement is never ending process (once you start believing you have learnt all, it’s the start of your decline/fall, these days I’m talking very nice things, I have to keep it normal all time saying good things make you boring, I got to be careful, haha )
Call In To Rescue
Today I was called by CEO into a meeting there is a project which is going through hardship and Its behind in terms of deliverables, now It has been decided I’m going to work on this project to make this happen smoothly and to wrap the project (Insha Allah I will, GOD help me, I can’t do it without your help and handwork). Project isn’t that complex only thing is I have to work with freshy Engineer and I have to mentor her as well (which I’m positive not a problem). Overall I’m happy I was chosen for this job among 3 developers.
Major Suggestion
I’m going to other project for about 2 to 3 weeks, the current project which I’m currently working is very big in scope as compared to new one. Today I was supposed to handoff my task to other developer, and one big feature is under development which is supposed to be in beta version of Game, So I made a suggestion to CEO to drop off this feature (which is 2v2 battle) with reasoning and described him this feature isn’t that important in beta version, it will make our game unstable more buggy and I was able to convince him 10 minutes later he called the client and described him, my peers appreciated me for this act(or showing courage)
Job Offer
I got the job offer latter, actually the offered pay is way better than mine current pay, after getting the offer I talk to a friend how knows their office culture and people there, I got useful information which helped me to make up my  mind, now tomorrow I’m going to ask some question so that I can make decision whether I’m accepting the offer or not.

This entry is written on 1st feb

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