Pray Over Massage

I fully believe that prayer is the best medicine. First and above all, make one hour of prayer a day, a part of your routine behavior. In your prayer, you don’t need to go to the church, just enclose yourself in your room, and for a habit of imagination, that God is inside your room, talking to you in one aspect of your life. Start by confessing yourself, deeds of wrongdoings, mistakes, or sins specially classified as mortal sin. There are lots of that and just grope inside your mind in some part of your memory, like people you had indebted, wrongly accused, hurt, or assaulted, especially sexually, lied or cheated. Maybe, you have a history of being an atheist, or worshipped idols spoke profanities or blasphemies. Make your own atonement, and do some kind of penitence, to pay for your sins. Then, pray the credo, Divine Mercy, or do some rosaries, to qualify yourself for purgation of sins. Don’t forget to read the Bible, just one topic at a time. Make it a part of your rituals. After those series of prayer and petitions, you are now qualified for a pray over. When there is pain, numbness, cramps, or febrile sensation, maybe, you are qualified for a PRAY OVER MASSAGE.
Pray over massage can be done even on basis of a long distance. just like a practicing Reiki master, the patient or client might be far away, but the way it is being done is thru the so-called faith or energy line, between the client and the master. But with the client who is physically present, the effect is more direct. Application of Touching or kneading would be more ideal, and it has some increase in our faith, And so the physical problem would be relieved. In this case, the performer, will relinquish his self, and let the Holy Spirit replace him at that instance, in so doing it ignites right away the process of healing. When Simon Peter started his journey, in Jerusalem, he accosted many disabled, disease, or people with disorders, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, everyone was treated and restored to their normal health. But absolutely, you are just an instrument, not the power authority. For me, my experience with the amazing grace had happened to me much time in so many instances. On the way home many years ago, from our visitation in Barili, just in the area of Kawasan Aloquinsan, my car fell down in a ravine with my whole family. It leaps three times and was blocked by a big rock. I was thrown in a separate direction. Maybe, no one will believe that I saw Jesus just in front of my Car, I was saved and later, I was the one who saved my family. I know, that it was not me, who did it, and I was very thankful after all.
Believe also in the resurrection. Jesus died on the cross, after the harrowing experience of Pilate’s trial. The Jews had forgotten, all the mystery of his rituals, as part of his mission to save mankind from sin, he pawned himself and was crucified even without any dot of wrongdoings. Death is a disease, and his resurrection is the end of death, and he has shown to us the beauty of eternal life. Our body is just some sort of a construction, that once it is destroyed, it can also be re-erected by the power of God’s creation. Our faith is just like a dynamo, that it should recharge every now and then, by belief and prayer. The invisible ray that will flicker in your right hand, will connect to the interweave, and with the power of imagination, it follows a line directing to a person that needs the service. Continous bombardment of faith, cancer will just weaken and eventually melted, like ice cube, poured with a rain shower. The power of God can be seen in the old testament, and also the power of Jesus in the new testament. The apostle Paul was also a witness when he hugs a young man who felled down when sleeping from the building, but when he hugs it on the ground, the young man wakes up like the kid was just sleeping.
In James 5:14 to 15, stated that if there is a sick person, you will encounter, call the leader of the church, and let him pray over, anoint him with oil, as what the Holy spirit commanded. This is what I am doing to all, even if I just did it , the reike is being executed. But faith is the most important ingredient in the implementation. The divine mercy, which you can see in the picture, emphasizes the ray, and it is an invisible wavelength, connecting to the right hand to the lesion or sickness of the believer. Once your hand is being used as an instrument of healing, the miracle of healing will eventually exist.
There is no sickness that can withstand the power of God or holy spirit. Out of the dust, he breathes it with his likeness, the man was created. Sickness is a destruction, of a certain part of the body, and it can be constructed again when the power of God is employed. God is alive, and Jesus is there in heaven and alive, he is looking at us, and if you ask him, he gives, and if you knock on his door he will open it. Peter at the beautiful gate, in the synagogue of Jerusalem where many disabled were waiting, some are possessed by the demons, some are with a congenital anomaly. yes, what a relief when on his intercession, God restore the health of the sick and drive the demons from them. Healing miracles witness the true nature of Jesus, and there is no point to argue about his power and authority. he said, before the creation, he is already there, and if you want to know the God the father, he is already in front of you. He is Jesus, and God the father is in him also. The Holy Trinity is true and One God. We have to believe it true, because God is an envious God. If you worship other than him, it is a sin, because heaven as his kingdom, no one can go through there, without Jesus. It only justifies that other religion, is paganic and believing them like those idols, it is blasphemy and sacrilegious.

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  1. Julito, your blog is long, but I read every word of it. It is right on the truth. Thank you for taking time to share the wonderful news of Jesus and His healing power.

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