Runner Up

Last three days were awesome I was in Game jam Friday to Sunday, there were 14 teams and we got 3rd.  Saturday morning till Sunday night I got half an hour nap sitting on my chair that doesn’t means I did all the work actually its quite the opposite I did very little, haha because there were 5 members in our team 3 Programmers and 2 designers, one of the programmer is very passionate he did most of the work. Friday was idea submission day, they announced the theme of the game which is illusion, during brainstorming session every team member was coming up with so many ideas and I came up with none, I was like wow they are amazing, later I found out they are just telling the stories of some movies, seasons and games they had already know and nothing more, and on Saturday morning I came up with 2 ideas one was complete original and I am quite happy I did used my brain, so here it is “ let’s suppose if speed of light becomes too slow like 10 cm/s or so, as a result we will see things very late, life if you turn on the light you will see the light after some seconds let’s say 6 sec or so, my idea is to make some escaping game based on that principle in which you have to keep in mind it is quite possible the thing you are seeing have moved to other place” any way I have learnt I have to see some sci-fi movies to keep myself up-to-date with fast moving world
Apart from that I have learnt so many things to work with team when all of them have ideas and work under pressure how not to waste time on this which are not important and that sort of things.

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