The Art of Giving – constructive criticism

I’m looking for constructive criticism! Please let me know what you think? I really want to make this work


The art of giving is  a concept I’m working on. All the sales made from my art go to causes and charities . It’s a non-profit organization. I’m looking for constructive criticism or ideas on how I can improve this concept? I’m only 21 but I want to help spread awareness by selling paintings. Not only made from me but from others willing to participate. 

I was thinking about talking to school about it and having some of their classes participate and donate the art created to sell and send the money to people in need or building schools in struggling communities.

I’d really would love to hear your thoughts! You guys thank you so much for reading~


– J

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  1. Hi misadventureart, its so good to hear that you want to help others, its a great initiative. What awareness are you raising exactly? Also, in which area are you? What type of people are around you? You dont need to give me any specific answer about where you stay, I just wanted to get a feel for the people you are working with or are looking to work with. That could help us get an idea of the kind of people to approach and how to get the most out of this idea. I know I say we but it is still your idea! I just enjoy these kind of projects

  2. Hi @lovingme, I just go on gofundme and try to find projects in low income communities. I had donated some money to chakabars on Instagram. He works in Africa and is currently trying to raise enough money to fix a local school for the children. Following his account is what actually inspired me to try and contribute to projects like these.
    I was thinking of establishing a following on Depop and Instagram. Then, maybe work with kids and have projects with them to draw or paint and explain to the kids how this will help others who are in need. That way they too can learn and feel like a part of helping others. Not sure if i’m making sense.
    And as for now I’m in the Bay Area.

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