[187] ~*Tue – 02/06/18*~

[3:50 pm]

Arg! I basically just got out of bed and it’s already pretty much 4 pm. That said, I really don’t feel like cleaning the suggies cage today even thought I know I should. There’s a bunch of dishes at the sink that I want to get rid of cause it’s just driving me crazy and there’s also the laundry that I should put away. I also want to change purses today and clean that counter space that is too cluttered for me. I would also like to go eat out with hub and go see a movie cause I feel we haven’t seen a movie in a long time. All that sounds like a lot to do so I really think the cage will wait next week or maybe even the week after cause I’d be having two days off as the 19th is a Holiday.

Anyways, yesterday I ended up going to the Casino with my friend for supper. I played mom’s $5 and one of my own but of course, didn’t win. When I put my own $5, I made it to $15 so I was sure I could make it to $20 to pay for our lunch, but nope. I really think this year will be a very unlucky one at gambling since I won so much last year. After playing our money we went for the buffet and to my surprise when I was getting my card out, my friend gave the cashier a $20. I really didn’t expect her to be paying for us. It was a nice surprise but I always feel bad when she pays as I know she doesn’t have much money.

After supper I went to work at the store and of course the manager asked me to do a few things which really should of been stuff that she should of done. She asked me to call a bunch of people for interviews which is not part of my job. With what I do on Mon night, I should be paid the pay of an assistant manager on that night.

I watched some shows last night and read before bed which it was prob around 2 am when I fell asleep. Once again I wanted to just rest my eyes cause I was getting tired but wanted to keep reading but I ended up falling asleep for almost an hour.

Now I don’t really know what I’ll be doing today but I guess I will start by watching shows and see where the rest of the day brings me.




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