2018 Camry

today was a typical normal day. I was three minutes late to work but I sold product and have the highest numbers on the team. Definitely made me feel less guilty about purchasing those platform puma sneakers last night. Scheduled my car service with Christopher. Mi amor my panties moistened the longer we held eye contact. Rodriguez, the accent. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. The curly brown hair and green eyes. I usually hate scruff but I didn’t mind it on him. I kept imagining if it was shaved.. the jaw line it would reveal. Are faces were so close. It was hard to focus on the car when all I wanted to do was grab his face. I wonder if he is involved with anyone. Guess I’ll find out sooner rather than later. Thursday to be exact. Then I have to give back this bitchin’ grey 2018 Camry, yes the inside looks like a space ship. It’s only appropriate. Xoxo TBC 

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