Dear Andrew.

This is my first ever letter to you. 

I love you. More than it’s humanly possible. 

There will come a time when you will learn just how rotten I really am. And I hope in that moment you will still remember: no matter what, my love for you and your siblings has been my only hope, my only saving grace. I may be a monster. But I’ve created you and that means that I did something good for this world.

Life is complicated, son. I wish you could have an easier way out, but you have my blood in your veins. Which means that there’s almost no chance you’ll have a normal future. 

Don’t worry. You’ll learn fast. You have your mother’s strength after all.

i’ll fight till my dying breath to return to you after this operation. If I don’t…you’ll have this journal as your guide through life.

Always love you.

Your Father.

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