Battle of the sexes:

That woman scares you.

She has more opinions than you do.

You wish she’d just shut up and obey

but hey, that has never really worked that way.

For centuries, your kind has refused to see

that they have always deserved the equal share of humanity.


Why is it always about what men want?

They refuse to sit down and listen.

They’re often so dismissal,

claiming you’re always too emotional.

That does it!

It’s what they do that makes you throw a fit.


How paranoid are you?

You think she threatens your masculinity.

You think he’s going to say:

“This is just the men’s world, you see?”


Those ears are all open,

but how far are you willing

to stick around

and listen?


Enough with the accusations

and same old defensive lines.

Why don’t we all figure out a solution,

instead of expecting one of us

to carry most of the societal burden?

( to be continued)

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