I cried

Today I cried

It was humiliating

No, not the tears

I saw him and I’m sure he saw me


This is not the old tale of failed romance


It’s a tale of ambition and failure 

I failed and He saw me fail

I don’t know if he knows how humiliating it is to pass him in the streets

But it is

Every time I see his face

My reel plays over and over 

What surprises me the most?

Is power he wields over me

A stranger

whose impartial glance shutters my being and arouses my anxiety


I saw him again


I cried


3 thoughts on “I cried”

  1. I refuse to believe you are a dummy, that writing comes from your heart and that shows how important it is. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us, with practice you will even surprise yourself. Keep writing , we will keep reading! I am not saying this as a nice person, I just have a good eye, believe me.

  2. I like your poem. I write poetry too. Keep it up, please!

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