I Do Know What It’s Like

I go to a really small school, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t mean. I’m the kid that gets bullied. I always stand up for the kids that get picked on and it ends up hurting me in the end, but i don’t care as long as the other kid gets left alone. After getting picked on at school i got home just to get yelled at for the stupidest things. I don’t really have the best relationship with my dad, but I’ve come to accept it. Kids at my school pick on me because they think that i have a perfect life. When I’m at school i don’t talk to people about my problems which leads other classmates to think that everything is perfect so they pick on me and try to bring me down to make themselves feel better. Long story short  know what it feels like and in later entries I will get more into details. 

One thought on “I Do Know What It’s Like”

  1. When I was in junior high I got bullied because I was the white girl in a predominantly black school. I got beat up for sticking up for this Russian girl… then she got mad because she didn’t want people to think we were friends. I am 31. There are still times when I think back to how scared, sad and alone I felt. My house was far from what they thought. It wasn’t a middle class white family…. it was a shit hole with no heat or electricity. Food was limited and often came from dumpsters. Yet because I was white (I’m actually half hispanic) i was treated like shit by my peers. I avoided school dances and social activities. I sometimes wish I had the experiences of normal kids.
    The experiences sucked but it made me a kinder person. Now I’m a mom of a special needs child. He is 5 and came home crying because kids call him retarded. I fight for him the way no one did for me. I hope you know you are not alone.

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