Went to see Ian last night. I thought he’d be mad at me for just showing up. He was so glad to see me. He stayed home work yesterday because he was sick. We’ve both got head colds. I got it from him but that’s ok. “A family that plays together stays together.” We had a long heart to heart. He’s telling me he could see our relationship long term and could see us together for a lifetime. I can see his love for me in his eyes when he looks at me and in the way he treats me. He’s so good to me. He touches me softly. He’s even great in bed. His love making is so slow and gentle, he can even go all night. I love it. I love him so much. When we’re together we never want to leave each other’s company. He even told me that he wished we could be together all the time. Last week I was out of my room for 3 days and spent it with Ian. He says he really did enjoy us being together. I knew that 3 days would make us or brake us. It made us better together. We’re so good together. I always look so forward to just being with him in the same room. And it makes the sex so much more wonderful when you love someone. I just can’t believe Ian wants to spend his live with me.

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