Monday, back to work

Back to work today. I was in a “I don’t want to be here” mood all day. The day was slow. Nothing to stressful. I think, I was the way that I was, was because yesterday, I cleaned my entire house. I was a blur of a cleaner. It is very hard to do when the hubby is home, but I managed. The reason, it is so darn hard, is because, he is in and out all day long. So mopping floors is quite the challenge. I did manage to get all of it done, and escaped his tromping in. LOL.  Today, the new girl started at work. Lo and behold, we are the same age. She seems nice enough, we will see how she works out. I just don’t hold my breath anymore about people working. I also found out that our male bartender had put his two weeks in.  I swear, people are dropping like flies at work. 

I got my paycheck today. It did not take long to spend it. The utility bills are so high. My most dreaded bills now days, are the water and the electric. No matter what a person does to save money, it is always in the triple digits. What happened to the good old days, of bills being under $100.00? I guess it’s long gone. Every bill that I do have, is in the triple digits. Water, Electric, Cell phone, TV etc. It just sort of puts me in a bummer kind of mood.  Then, I have my 23 year old son here at home, he lives in our little guest house, and he just started a new job, so he is waiting on his first check, so he nickles and dimes me for gas. It’s like will it ever end?   I always say to myself, good things will come to those who are patient, I’m still waiting for lady luck to come my way. Get a return on some of those good deeds I have been doing, like helping family and stuff.  I suppose I best get off my computer. I was playing my facebook slot game, I lost all of my virtual coin in that too. I must go make some dinner.  

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  1. Hey Cheri–

    I am writing you and one other person on this site, as I had the most communication w/you and her. I have privatized all my entries here and moved them to another diary. I had used the diary platform “opendiary” for years and it closed down some time ago, but re-opened in the past couple weeks. I prefer using that site because it is more secure/has more interaction. I did not want to make a public entry here about the move as I didnt want it to seem like I was trying to move people from this platform to the other. But I also wanted to let you and other gal know why my entries dissapeared and I discontinued writing here.

    Take Care.

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