My Story About Jasmyn

I have been wanting to  share my story  about  our daughter   Jasmyn   who we miss everyday  and  going through the pain  and the lost  of her is really  knowing how much  we  miss her everyday,  seeing  the  pain on my hubby faces  breaks my heart  because  why he was holding her i started  to cry, everyday  i  blame myself  for her  not being her and we all  know that  she should be here  with the family  growing up  being here with her mom and dad and  grandparnters ,  and cousins  and aunts uncles but that day  god had a differnt plan for all of us that we dont understand but im so glad that  we got know her  while she was  still on this earth with us, there is alot that  we would all would want to tell her that we all  love her and miss her everyday but  we are all doing  good hanging in there taking it a day at a time  and  how mommy and daddy  miss you so very much  but we have pictures of you that we can look at  and we know that  you are here with us in sprint  but  not the same we would love to have you  here in person holding you kissing you singing you to sleep  like I did with your old brother Luke, your brother Luke is 6 years old and looks  just like your mommy, Im so  glad that you  apart of  your  daddy brandon in you, baby girl we love you and miss you so so very much, this Journal  is the way  your mommy  can write  how she feels, Jasmyn   you  make mommy and daddy heart heart smile, words  cant  say how much that we love  you  and miss you There is not a day  that  goses by that  we dont think of you everyday  and wishing that you  was  here to see your smile and hear you cry and  so that  way i could come  up  hold you  and lay you back down so that you could take nap.

8 thoughts on “My Story About Jasmyn”

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss, so so sorry. If , and only if you dont mind my asking , how did she die?

  2. first of all thank you reading it second of all its when i had really bad heart attacked

  3. Oh? Again, I am sorry to hear that…You seem to be a wonderful person , do you think you could try volounteering somewhere or maybe doing something to help some people who have been in your situation? It doesnt have to cost you anything but it can help you in a good way. Because you still want to give love and affection, its in you, I see it in the way you wrote in your diary. Maybe if you get to use that love for something good? I read your text and really believe you have a way with people and a heart they can relate to

  4. i am so sorry that you had experience this heartbreak. hugs

  5. thank you for everyone for reading my jounarl…… thats means alot to me

  6. I want thank everyone for reading my story about my daugther how you all care and feel what im going through, everyones words are so greatful and very thoughtful thank you everyone

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