POM and distant Healing 2

POM part 2

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” We are human, and our body, mind, and spirit, cannot withstand the effect of emotional pain. We are depressed or stress and it will be reflected towards our body in the form of illness. Some will have Hypertension, and certainly, some of the organs are weakened, thereby compromising the normal function. We have to accept that our body is governed by chemicals, and any twist of its balance will determine the kind of sickness that will continuously horrify in its havoc to the person itself. The heart which is the center of emotions will speed up, or slow down, compromising the distribution of blood to its peripheral destination or target. The heart might be affected, and physically, it might bloat up, due to congestions, or thicken up by hypertrophy. But God has a ready remedy for that, and that is the comfort it will give, by the holy spirit in its amazing grace. Gods Power controls the effect of Chemicals, the acidity will turn into alkaline, the speeding up of its heartbeat will slow down into normal. Remember, God created us, and he knows everything in our body.
Someone asked, why sins exist in the world when it is not needed for the salvation of mankind? We are all created by God, but sins started on man’s first creation. In the Garden of Eden, the woman was tempted and eat the forbidden fruit and it resulted to opening his mind to wisdom about his surrounding. What was put in the brain or mind at the very start were chemicals, that will guide them into righteousness but when they acceded to the temptation, it wakes up the side of their mind, where the negative sphere is located. They realize that they are naked, and they should be ashamed, and they now appreciate what beauty is, and the testosterone chemicals of Adam became dominant, and he found eve as the target of his orgy. And both of them were condemned to become the multipliers of all nations. Abel and Cain were the first children, and the sin of envy and struggle started. It ends up the most biblically celebrated murder. There were widespread incestuousness among their siblings, and procreation was never controlled. That is the very reason, that the biblical ancestry was interconnected to one family and to others. Then, groups migrated to places, form their own family, living in makeshift abode or in caves, just for privacy and for life struggles. Sins became rampant, and their belief or faith on God was also diminished as time went on. And then, there were plague, famine, and pestilence but man did not appreciate that it was already a wrath of God. Immorality and blasphemy were almost a part of their culture, and God became foreign to them. However, God so loves the world, and he can not afford to give the world to the tempting evil. Kings and political Leaders in every tribe were also leaders in the propagation of vices, and it comes the time that man could no longer determine what is right and what is wrong. The tower of Babel was the first sign, that Man wanted to reach the level of God’s sovereignty, and even to reach heaven, in order to invade it, but man was not triumphant. A sudden storm and earthquake befall and the population dispersed and walk away with different languages. Those who understand each other group together, and migrated to distant lands. The scripture says, that it was the start of distinctness of culture, languages, behavior, and races.
Since, there were so many chaoses, riots, immoralities, and defiance of God almighty, God could no longer tolerate the situation, and it struck into his mind to shut up the wrong development. God inspired Noah, to build an ark, and preach to the people about the incoming wrath. No one believed in him because it was very unreasonable to build an Ark at the top of the mountain. And for the unbeliever, a flood should be of greater proportion to reach that level. No one believed him, and for them, it was a mockery.

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