Today was a hard day. I miss Neal so much.

Neal and I broke up 6 months ago. I was blindsided by a text saying he changed his mind ….. no explanation why. I finally heard from him in November. We started hooking up in December. His explanation was that although I was the perfect girlfriend he isn’t over losing his family. His ex wife left him with the kids prior to us having any relationship.

I am completely sympathetic to his feelings but to up and walk away after so long broke me. Since we srarted sleeping together again my emotions are out of control. When we are together he is amazing. He is kind, gentle. Caring funnt, sexy, smart, etc…. but then he ignores me or breaks promises consistently. I cry so much over someone who d oesnt love me. I told him i was done trying today. I love him but I’m done. It feels like a funeral with the amount of pain. 

One thought on “Today was a hard day. I miss Neal so much.”

  1. Hello! *Hug* I’m so sorry to read you are feeling like this. I have Borderline Personality Disorder so all my relationships crash and burn all the time and all the pain for weeks even years afterwards is horrible. I can’t say I know exactly how you feel because I am not in your position and I’m not you but I know how awful it is when you love someone so much and the relationship eventually ends because it turns out that person didn’t love you as much as they claimed. You will definitely be ok though, I promise! Thank you for your extremely kind comment on one of my entries, I appreciated it very much, thank you <3

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