[188.1] ~*Wed – 02/07/18*~

[2:06 pm]

Arg! I had decided to take both my purses with me today so I could try to figure it out while waiting for my client to be done with her apt. I just tried putting my stuff in the new purse which fits but doesn’t seem to leave much room to put extra for when I got to the movies. I’m trying to take out what I can which isn’t much cause I sorta use all I have in my purse beside my umbrella. Yes I have an umbrella in my purse cause it seemed like I was always getting caught in the rain but ever since I’ve put it there last summer, never used it. That said, I’m debating on taking that out of my purse but watch it be when I take it out that I’d need it. I also have a pair of socks cause in the summer I wear sandals and never know when a client will want to go bowling. To be honest it’s tiny socks so it doesn’t really take any room. The only thing I’m really taking out is my wallet but I’m replacing it with a smaller one which I haven’t even tried to switch right now cause I was a bit disappointed with the purse. Right now I just want to keep my old one. Sad! But I know I should really change cause it just looks too darn bad. I mean, people have already commented on me needing a new purse sooo..

Anyways, I’m sitting in my car and looking around and gosh my car needs to be cleaned. The inside is so dirty but what’s the point with this current weather. I will clean it and my clients will manage to have it all dirty again in not even five mins. I should wait for spring to get here to give it a good inside cleaning. I should take it to the car wash though cause with all the salt on the road. Arf!

So it’s Wed today and hub already got two days off. I seriously wonder if he’ll be going into work tonight for extra hours.




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