[188.2] ~*Wed – 02/07/18*~

[10:15 pm]

I finally changed purse and wallet. I had already started doing it when I was waiting for a client earlier and I wasn’t sure about it so I had stopped. Once home I decided that either way, my old one had to go. I took the umbrella and the socks out. I cleaned out a lot of things from my wallet and threw away a bunch of old cards that I still had from places that closed like 10 yrs ago. So yea, my wallet needed a clean up. That said, there’s basically nothing in my purse but it’s nothing compared the old one. In general I have enough space but it’s for when we’ll go to the movies, I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to put much in it. Oh well.. I’ll keep looking for another one and will use this one till I find something better. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll really like it and wouldn’t want a new one anymore. I wanted to throw away my old one but I might hold on to it just for the movies. If only their junk food could be cheaper I would’t even have this problem.

Anyways, like I had mentionned earlier, today’s hub third day off and surprise surprise, he didn’t go work. I didn’t push it cause it’s storming outside but still.. I was out in the bad weather working and I had a client so he could of totally went to work. Blah!

My phone’s doing an update right now and it’s taking for ever. I’m looking at my storage and it’s gonna eat up some of it which I’m not happy about as I’m already limited. I really hate how a lot of apps don’t let you transfer them on SD card. 

Well I’m tired and I want to read a lil before I sleep so I shall get to that. I’m hoping it will still be storming in the morning so I get some cancellation but I know I won’t be that lucky so I better get some rest.




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