[188] ~*Wed – 02/07/18*~

[1:50 am]

It’s so late right now. I wasn’t gonna write tonight but once in bed I just felt like writing. I wanted to read but I’m not even sure I’ll be doing that at this point as it’s almost 2 am. I only work at 1 pm but I need my beauty sleep. Haha!

After writing earlier-yesterday, I watched a show or two and then called my friend and talked to her while doing the dishes. We decided to go see Winchester which was awesome. I really enjoyed the movie and now I want to visit the place. Sad that it’s so far away from where I am. After the movie we went out to eat some wings at Saint Louis. When leaving the place we could see some smoke coming from across the street so I asked hub to go check it out. I’m glad we did cause someone had set fire to a dumpster so we ended up calling 911 and waited for the firetruck to get there. What a huge flame that came out of there when they opened up the dumpster. The lids were already pretty melted and there was a sign right beside with power so I can only imagine the mess it would of caused once the lids would of totally melted and that flame would of hit the sign. That was quite some entertainment’s.

Once home I watched a few shows and that’s about it. Time went by too quickly today. Once again, I didn’t put the laundry away. The only thing I’ve accomplished today was the dishes. I didn’t even change my purse cause I was going too and then it’s way shorter than the other one so I’m really not sure. Hub said either way I had too cause the one I currently use needs to retire which I totally agree. I just didn’t change it yet cause we were going to the movies and I wasn’t sure if everything was going to fit. It should but not as well as my current one. Blah! If only I could of found something similar to it but I couldn’t. The year I bought it, it was the only thing you could find everywhere and now you can’t. Funny how fashion goes. Oh well, I will try and I say try, to change it tomorrow before work.




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