Day 706 to 710

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Six days, I know. Haven’t really feel like writing my entries.

Nothing much happened in the past few days. Art is going well, programming and writer’s craft too. I’m getting ahead in making my business card and I like how it looks so far. Everything’s only really kicking off today in terms of school work.

However, I did celebrate my grandmother’s birthday Saturday. We went out to a pretty fancy restaurant that’s famous for their steaks. It was really good! I actually finished the whole plate; I never finished all of a restaurant’s plate before (or at least, not for a long time). I even had an extra big salad as an apetizer and cake, and still felt hungry afterwards.

I’ve talked to Ren as usual which is nice, and I’m watching Your Lie In April. I only have three episodes left. The most recent one I just watched made me cry, haha. Oh! The new Star Wars Han Solo trailer came out, so I’m excited for that. I’ve also been obsessed with Harry Potter lately, such as going in depth about several different characters, specifically Severus Snape, because he’s the most complicated and well, my favourite. As Kohai said, he’s a tragic hero.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 706 to 710”

  1. Hi Obs! I’m glad to see you on here again! Hope all is well. I’m glad you are pursuing various arts, crafts, writing etc. Would love to see your business card, but that would blow your cover I guess. (hugs) from Saved by Grace

  2. Hi! Thanks! It’s nice to see you again too 🙂 Haha, unfortunately yes. Hugs back!

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