depression isn’t easy to live with!

Have you ever felt so exhausted from life? Literally life, at home, at work and the world? Have you ever felt like you have held on as long as you can to being strong but enough is enough and you just can’t hold on anymore? This morning it finally hit me, tears running down my face, the fact of total failure on every single part of my life right now! The fact I have held it all in for so long and tried to be strong for everyone else but now I just can’t do it anymore!!! Everything was going good but now I see things falling apart in my life and I feel I can’t fix anything anymore! I feel I’m not good enough for anything anymore no matter how HARD I try I just see my failures and I’m now not sure if I can do anything anymore!! I’m so lost, so hurt, so depressed but hide it from everyone. And I just can’t hide it anymore! I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!!!!

2 thoughts on “depression isn’t easy to live with!”

  1. I feel ya. But don’t try to give up like I did. Hang on there, life always gets better. Maybe get help from a therapist?

  2. I don’t know if its any comfort, but I feel that way a lot lately. It’s tiring after a breakdown. Listen to some music, try writing or drawing or reading, distract your mind and expel the negative energy. It’ll be okay. Praying for you. Hold on, ok?

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