Forever and a Day

It’s been so long since I have wrote here. Truthfully someone has been trying to hack my account for the last three months and after too many attempts you get an email saying you are locked out for four weeks. For damn dumb. And of course you can’t get ahold of this site to fix it, so after each time it’s up…someone tries it again.

So it’s been three months and I decided to give it a try before it happens again lol I might just give up on this site altogether anyway. I’ve been writing in an actual journal while at work, at least when I remember to. 


I was finally put back on my antidepressants and am remembering to take them so I feel a lot better these days. Though from previous doctor appointments I’ve found out I need to go have a mammogram because they found something in my breast. My family has a history if breast cancer so I am a tad bit worried…. I have to wait until the 27th. A little more than unnerving. 


Though, I feel better other than that. I have been writing stories that never have an ending to them because writers block lol

I’ve been doing a lot of role-playing (not sexual) lol just writing with a lot of people on and it’s enjoyable for me. Gives me a change to be creative with other people instead of me just writing the story. 


Other than that, things are okay with me and my husband. Ups and downs, but it’s been ups lately and he’s been buying me so many things as of late. I hate when people buy me stuff. I always feel I have to pay them back or do something in return.


I guess I’ve been avoiding Facebook as Bluebear has been popping up in my memories and in my photos. …it’s still fresh in my mind and instill cry for him every day. He sits in my living room, but I’m constantly looking out the window for him. April will be the year mark he was killed. It’s so hard ready.



May or may not be my last entry.

Hope everyone is well.

2 thoughts on “Forever and a Day”

  1. Bluebear must have been your dog or cat? I’m sorry he was killed. Can I offer you some comfort? Psalms 36:6 is a little known verse in the Bible that says “Both man and beast Thou savest.” You will see Bluebear again. Don’t be afraid to believe. Love to you, and good luck with your mammogram. God bless you.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Blue was my dog that I had gotten from my mother in law after my husband and I realized she was abusing him. And he would stand on the side of our property and bark at the farmer that drove by every day. One day the farmer just decided to swerve into our yard and run him over. And Blue was 200lbs or more… easily noticeable. And he drove off. It hurts me to see his photos but I can’t just delete them either. I feel as if I’m trying to deny his existance if I do. It just hurts still.
    And thank you with the mammogram. It’s my second one in 6 months.
    Thank you, I appreciate it

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