Intellect vs. Heart Vs. God’s Word

Today was average Joe until my little princess called me!!! She is such a sweet angel. I can’t wait to see my children. I was in town picking up my friend to go to bible study. She really made me smile. She said that she texted her mom. It is crazy to think of my baby girl texting!! I’m sitting here writing obviously before bed. I’m listening to “Way Maker” and reflecting on the bible study tonight. From what I gather I would suppose that the #1 struggle for people are relationships. God knows the importance of relationships and that is why he stresses to love one another. The speaker on the DVD study said tonight that if you do all of God’s work and read his word etc. but do not walk in love(harbor bitterness) then you have been deceived!! That hit me hard. God knows my heart and knows that I want to achieve maximum love for everyone. I want to love like Christ loves me. I do not want my past mistakes to define me in the kingdom of God. I want my love for others to be my brand. Tonight the main focus is not living w/ false guilt. Satan will keep a person down reminding them that they are a bad Christian/father/husband/leader etc.  Of course we need the healthy guilt for our sins that leads us to repentance. Ahhhhh, I just heard it again… “on the 3rd day”!!  I love it!! Thank you Lord for your promises and grace. God never slumbers or sleeps. He is awake moving in our circumstances at all times. Even today when my daughter called she said that her mom was at some sort of court required divorce class. Needless to say……. I got a lump in my throat. However, I will not speak ill of my bride or doubt my mighty father. I just swallow hard, wipe up the tears and send up a “thank you” to heaven for miracles unseen. He has the power to soften her heart and bring healing. Isaiah 55 says that the Lords ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts. I cannot comprehend or even understand what he has for my future but I do know that he would love nothing more than to see a family restored. Jesus said that with men things are not possible. That is how I know to release my burdens and lay them at the feet of Jesus. My father knows my thoughts and my intentions. I want my family with me on the amazing journey ahead of me. Life is short. I am not going to give any more of it over to the one who seeks to kill and destroy. Satan knows my love for my creator and he will stop at nothing to bring me down. I will suit up in the full armor of God and be a soldier in his army. We are the most powerful army because we are always guaranteed victory. My mind says that my marriage appears to be in intensive care nearing death. My heart says that I will do anything for my family and that I need to hold on. God’s word says that I am promised restoration and new beginnings. I need to listen to the all-knowing orchestrator of my destiny. 

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