Life goes on.

  What I wouldn’t give to wake up next to you just one more time. I miss how things used to be. When we couldn’t wait to see each other, I miss the way your eyes lit up when you saw me. How you seemed to desire my presents. Maybe it was always fake and I just wanted to believe it was something real. Maybe I allowed myself to see an affection that wasn’t truly there. Either way, I still miss how I used to feel when I was with you. 

  And now it’s all gone, never to return. I’ve given up all hope of ever meaning anything to you. 

  I truly believe that every person we meet is meant to teach us something. I have learned so much because of you. Both good and bad things. And now I must accept that it’s all over. 

Life goes on….

One thought on “Life goes on.”

  1. You are right, and very brave, to understand that life goes on. I’m sorry for your loneliness for this person you have loved. It must be a deep ache. Yes, I have experienced that too, but my life did go on, and I am very happy now. I pray
    God will bless you in a special way. And do hold tight to His hand. He is the only one you can be sure —positive—will never leave you nor forsake you. His love will never dim. I wish you all good things.

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