I have had messed so much up here. Today I have the music on. It’s low or at least I think. My speakers have a lot of base and I’m not able to turn that down. But it’s low and I’m tired of living here in Fear about everything that has come down. Also there’s is beer! The Front door hing is broken and i just don’t want to deal with it. I’m so much in my head at this point about everything here. I’ve been misunderstood, blown off, told I’m wrong, and insulted by many along the chain. Yeah, I’m aware of my faults but I tried….I just Fu*& everything I touch. If it’s broken, no wait, if it’s not broken don’t fix it….no wait….if it’s broken don’t fix it either!! Just don’t do anything idiot! I want to retire so I can just get high! 24 months!!! Anyway for now, beer, music….I have my house to design and of course the Fantasy…Yea…Thanks

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  1. Looks its not your fault…. how the chain of life can be so messed up and that”s how some people can be like that, they can judage you and tell you that you are so wrong and that things are not broken, but they just dont see what you see i have been there, People want you to break down or even fall to your face and leave down, Now that im older im more smater and i see how other people are becasuse i used to be that person, just keep your head up and do you and if you have kids do it for your kids, thats what i have learn from both of my kids and one i dont have with me and the other one i feel her she talks to me every night before i go sleep she takes her hand and whips my face and whips the tears away.

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