Thoughts on the China’s yulin dog meat festival


Always wanting to share my thought of the china’s yulin dog meat festival. Yes, I did mention DOG MEAT.  During the festival, locals kill an estimated 10000 dogs as they believed that eating dog meat brings them good luck and health. The dogs are forlorn, sick, tired and hungry. They are beaten indiscriminately before being slaughtered.

Many still wear collars, revealing that they were once beloved pets. Personally I think that to torture the poor animals and to steal and eat someone’s pets is BARBARIC and absolutely DISGUSTING.
The way these animals are treated before they die is absolutely horrible. This applies to the global meat trade. It’s sick that humans treat animals meant for meat like trash. We should respect the animal that gives us the meat we enjoy eating everyday.

So did the festival ended? No, activities has clamed that it ended last year, but an Australian journalist went to china and found out that all the stalls are still open.

This year, it will take place on 21 june, so guess what? They’ll start killing dogs again. Dogs are amazing lovable creatures, I just couldn’t imagine how could they bare to torture them to death.

I want this cruel festival to end forever.

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