Why I haven’t written in a while

I know I haven’t written in a while and in this I’m going to tell you why. For one I just didn’t have a lot of time. Plus someone tried to get into my account. So I wake up one morning and I go to my phone and see that I have some Emails. So naturally I check them expecting to get some junk mail from Apple or something. what I get is a notification saying that my account has been disabled for 4 WEEKS because there were to many failed login attempts. Anyway I have been sick for about a week now. Its not very fun. I have a really bad cough and my doctor has given me some antibiotics. so they have this new test for the flu and its not fun. so what they do is they take this really skinny swab thingy and they shove it up out nose. very far up you nose and it really hurts. well I’m really tired and I still have to eat dinner so I’m gonna end it here. 

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