I was laying in bed last night wondering so many things. Especially about my kids future. When I was growing up in the 80’s life was so different. Staying out till it was dark, or when our parents were screaming from the windows for us to come in. Oh, those memories. We had no cell phones just our neighbors. We would freely go to each other’s houses and spend hours there. Fast forward it’s 2018 and well A LOT has changed. Tablets and cell phones took over our lives. We lost communication by voice because everything is through email and text. If you ask me that’s a load of bologna. The Summer of 2010 was the very first time I experienced what it was like not to have any communication with the world. And for those 4 days, it was pure heaven. Then there’ social media and how its mistaken for judgment. Who are we to judge on any relationship or beliefs. How will our children know what is right in this world. So much hate, so much criticism in this world. I want my kids to have a good life. As the best life they can live. I try so hard to make sure they love anyone and everyone. If there is a child alone on the playground to always ask to play. Although I must sound crazy but I always knew if someone was alone I would go up to them and ask if they are ok. I hope my kids can understand the same thing. It is not nice to 

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