02/07/18 —

I think I made Mohammad mad because I told him that it’s good he has love handles next to his six-pack. He just replied ok and hasn’t replied since. But I’m sure he’ll get over it soon, I think he’s more just annoyed. (He’s currently texting me trying to justify his anger). I also texted Robert today and we talked about League streamers, and referenced each other to our favorite streamers/YouTubers (mine is Sky Williams btw, even though he doesn’t upload that often anymore). Today while I write I’m watching One Day At a Time and texting this new(ish) guy Jose. We’ve been talking for a couple days, just getting to know each other. I’m definitely interested in meeting him, and seeing where things go. There’s this other guy Serg that I’m texting as well, but I think he’s just trying to find someone to talk to. He keeps talking about doing something crazy and breaking out of routine. I think he’s just looking for an out to be honest. Okay, my phone is blowing up tonight so I think I need to stop writing for now. I’ll write more tomorrow, most likely. 

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