Have you ever felt like you are trapped inside your own mind. I feel like my body is an empty cage and i am the bird desperately trying to break free. I felt safe inside my cage. Now i want to break free out of my cage, i let someone into my life let them close to my cage. I stopped trying to break free from my cage, i let them enter my cage. They made it more bareable. One day out of the blue they left. On their way out my cage they left a trail of damage and dispair. My cage may look nice and cozy on the outside, the real damage is on the inside. I have never wanted to break free more than ever but iv stopped trying, my cage is bolted shut. I wont let anyone into my cage ever again. I want it too end i just want to be free from my cage i want to fly in the wind but in this cage i can’t spread my wings.

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  1. “I Can Fly” by Lana Del Rey. That helped me a lot once upon a time. It’ll be alright, ok? Stay holding on.

  2. I once felt the way you are feeling, right now like you want to be free and you try to let someone in your area or in your space you are scared that they might not let you be free and want to fly from your cage, been there done that once i had my first kid i let my son come in my life and he changed all of that made my mom which was my best friend happy until she passed and I learn how to take care of him and place him in my cage for safey, and than got on my own got married started dealing with more of life and letting more people in my area and my space i helped them out had them inside of my cage, i became their rock and their support and sundely all of my problems where gone.

  3. I often see myself as a bird as well, especially in regards to depression. I find it so interesting that you have done that same thing here!

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