[189] ~*Thu – 02/08/18*~

[11:12 pm]

Oh that husband of mine. Since it was storming last night, this morning I had to shovel the steps, beside my car and clean the car. Hub went to bed when I got up so why didn’t he do that for me?! Blah! I was so exhausted and red like a tomato before even starting work.

I went out for my first and second client, I then rushed home to come eat and went back out for my third client which didn’t take too long from her time so I came back home after and went for a nap of two hours. I then went out to do my last client’s grocery so I did mine at the same time. When I got home I watched a show and waited on food. I then ate these wings from Walmart that were so delicious. I will most definitely have to buy more next time I do the grocery. After that I made the suggies food which took like more than an hour to do and I didn’t even had to cook the meat as I had bought some that was already cooked and cut in lil pieces but I still had to cut some even smaller. I then did the dishes, well more like putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Haha! I watched another show and then it was time to go in the shower. I did some laundry and put some away. Woohoo! I’ve looked at my hair real quick and the purple seems fine but it’s always darker when wet so I will only know when I dry it before bed. I’m crossing my fingers that it will last the normal two months.

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot today but still have so much more to do. There is still some clutter on the counter which is driving me crazy but I still haven’t gotten to that. The bathroom closet is also such a mess that I don’t even know where to start. I really need to get to cleaning this house.

Anyways, I don’t have any client tomorrow morning so I can sleep in till noon. Yay me! This is why I decided to get so much done tonight as I knew I could sleep in tomorrow morning.

Well, I want to call my mom so I should do that before it gets too late.




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