2/8/18 — Can’t flirt to save my life!!

Went to New Orleans with Kate and Blaze. We just wanted to get out of our town. There’s nothing to do here. Not that we do much in NOLA anyway, but there’s more variety there than anywhere else. We went to this really nice Italian pasta restaurant called Arabella. Their spaghetti was amazing! We had stopped by a Sushi place before then, but me being the anxious picky-eating little shit that I am, we had decided that a pasta place was a much better idea. And we didn’t regret it! All three of us enjoyed our dinners.

After that we went to a coffee shop. Can’t remember the name of it as I type this. While me and Blaze drank cups of coffee and Kate drank a cup of tea, we played the card game Would You Rather to pass the time by and so we could have something to do. 

One thing I love about NOLA is the amount of gay people there are. The neighborhood where this coffee shop was is a very LGBT-friendly place. In fact, one of the workers was obviously gay. He had a cute smile, beautiful eyes, he kinda looked like a mix between Cole Sprouse and Leonardo DiCaprio (from the Titanic). I wanted to talk to him so badly, to get him to notice me, but I could never find the right words so I just stayed quiet. We had made eye contact a few times. I tried to make it obvious that I was also gay in the way I spoke and moved my hands. But sadly, I did not get a chance to make conversation with this boy, nor did I end up with his number. Besides him, there were two gay customers (not together) which made me happy. I love how New Orleans is like the gayest place in Louisiana.

After we left there we drove around a bit, taking in the beautiful atmosphere. I love the aesthetic of NOLA, how the houses and buildings look…it feels very homely. 

I’m home now. Got home not long after Midnight. One of our earliest trips to date. Also, since I’m writing this entry after midnight, I’m putting today’s date even though the trip technically happened the previous day. Also, using Comic Sans for this one to test out a different style for my journal.


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  1. That barista sounds so hot! Shame you didn’t get his number!

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