Baseball Season Struggles

Being on the board of directors for my local little League was supposed to be fun and exciting. I love coaching. I’ve coached now for a while and it brings me so much joy. Being a sponsorship coordinator I spend hours and hours trying to work on things to get finances and donations for certain items. It truly seems like my input is never important and my work is consistently criticized and questioned. So far I haven’t been wrong but I feel like every step I take is double questioned. I know the person doesn’t like me personally but my work is been great and I just wish they would see that. If they saw the hours I spent online on the phone and driving from place to place maybe they would understand how hard I’m trying. This is on top of having a broken leg, and autistic child, and trying to work. It really makes me question if I should even try to do this again next year. My son loves baseball so much.

On a side note I miss Neal but it hurts less today. 

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