Spiritual Intrusions


February 12, 2018

7:55 am

  At around 5:15 am this morning, I was feeling the fatigue of not getting any start sleep over take me. I had to be in at work at 9. I tried to revive myself with coffee, but it didn’t work.

So, I decided I would just lie down for awhile and take my chances with over sleeping and being late for work.

Well, once again….I only reached this half-awake / half-asleep state.

In this in-between state, the intrusions from these negative spirit attachments with the voices and the physical disturbances was very strong in a most horrible way.

I learned my lesson….yet again, I suppose that I just needed a reminder.

I cannot afford to play games when it comes to getting enough sleep.

If I foul up my sleep routine because of my own doing…..this leaves me so much more vulnerable to the stronger harassment from these entities.

Decent sleep is an absolute must.

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