Spiritual Intrusion


February 11, 2018

10:30 am


  These intrusive spirit attachments have been moderately active this morning. It’s still warmer out, but I have been running my heater this morning (because I didn’t run it overnight). Things were fairly calm for most of the day so far. But, just within the past half-hour or so, I’ve seen the voices pick up in strength some….coming in over the background noise of the heater.

   I heard a few deep voices again. These deeper voices seemed to reappear again this week. I had heard these deeper voices quite often before, but it had been a while. I’ve heard them several days in a row this week.

   At the moment though, I’m doing a pretty good job at blocking them out. I hear the sound of them chattering away, but not much of the content is getting by my mental block. Though, I can sense that they are trying to get my attention. I can hear my name being spoken every now and again.

  I’ll run the heater for a little while…..just to warm up my condo a bit, but then I think it’s warm enough today where I can keep it off for a while. This should reduce the strength of the voices.


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