A lot has happened since I last wrote. Every precious thing I ever had went down hill. I’m heart broken. I’ve lost so much, a piece of my heart, my sanity. My anxiety and breakdowns are back on the daily, thought it’s time to get back on here since everything else hasn’t been working. I’m nineteen now, still with hubby, but all this time I never experienced mourning over a loved one.  

It’s been hard. I see you everywhere, I can’t help it but to cry at everything that reminds me of you. You were so precious to me. I’m so selfish about our memories that I so cherish so much that I refuse to let anyone know the details of my time with you. I didn’t just lose someone, I lost a part of me.

One thought on “Returned”

  1. I’m sorry you’re going through these harsh times. I lost someone close to me recently. A best friend I met when I was 12, someone I dated only a month ago, is now someone who causes my heart to ache every time I see him.

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