Existing gives me anxiety

I feel my head wanting to explode from everything I want to write.

I have these ideas with no structure. 

Reality gives me feelings of

Emotional Claustrophobia. 

Is that even really a thing?

“Brain storm!”

My brain is in a constant state of storming I don’t need anymore of that, thank you very much.

Maybe a “Brain drizze” would be a little clearer,

and easier to put on paper…


R: “Is that where the strings were attatched?”

?: “Everytime he pierces my skin with those strings, I live.

I live because I’ll rip them off everytime.”

Something about his smile this time was soothingly melancholic. 

My heart was on it knees. 

One thought on “Existing gives me anxiety”

  1. I relate to this far too much.

    Here’s to clear skies in the future.

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