I think I made a mistake. Every since he got sick he’s ignored me sexually. I miss it so much. He doesn’t cuddle or even touch me hardly. I’ve done everything possible to make sure he’s had an orgasm since but he won’t touch me any more. It’s like I’m hideous to him now. I don’t know what to think. He’s suppose to spend 2 weeks living with me and then I’m suppose to move in with him but he changed his mind. I want it so damn bad I can’t see straight but I’m being ignored. I shouldn’t have never got involved with him or allowed him to come to me. Now I’m so spoiled on being touched and caressed and it’s all been taken away from me. I’m so damned depressed that I miss it so much. I know I’ll never find it again with anyone. I guess I’m just to repulsive. He has women falling all over themselves for him. Why did he have to pick me…a repulsive blob.

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