[190] ~*Fri – 02/09/18*~

[9:20 pm]

Blah! Hub just left for work and I feel blah. This is why I didn’t wanted him to go back to overnight cause for some reason when he leaves for work, I just feel sad. Even if we don’t necessary spend time together when we’re both home at night, at least he’s home. I just don’t like the way I feel when he leaves. It’s so silly! I hope I will get used to it as he hasn’t been overnight for that long yet but blah, blah. I just hope that if I really don’t like it that he will go back day time.

Gosh, it’s just so weird. I just sorta feel like sitting here and crying right now. It’s so sudden and without a reason. I just don’t know what I want to do at the moment. Do I want to go take a bath?! Do I want to watch a show?! Do I just want to go to bed and read?! Do I just want to go sleep?! Well, I don’t think I could sleep right now, I have a feeling that sleep is out of the question. I do have a headache. I think a bath might be good, might let me relax. I do read in the tub so that’s a two for one. I’ll prob end up watching a show after before heading to bed.

I could sleep in today but that didn’t do any good. I was still so tired cause of course, at 8:44 am the office decided to call and wake me up as I hadn’t put my phone on silence. I let it go to voicemail cause I didn’t wanted to deal with it but still listened to the message. They wanted me to do a fill in.. no thank you. I really didn’t wanted to get out of bed at that time as I had planned on sleeping till noon. I should of just gotten out of bed and went to work cause after that, I couldn’t sleep at all. I basically just laid there for the next three hours.

I’ve bought some baskets today to try and organize the closet in the bathroom as it’s such a mess, stuff everywhere. I did organize the stuff on the counter so that’s one thing done. I wanted to get into the closet but then I was just feeling blah. I guess I was feeling that way before hub left for work but it just made it worse when he left. I don’t know when I’ll get to cleaning but I really hope it’s soon cause seeing the house just makes me depress. I need more time. Doesn’t look like I’ll ever have my Wed off as my schedule keeps being screwed so I need to work Wed if I don’t want to lose hours. I even have to work next Wed morning which I really don’t want too but I have too if I don’t want to lose my hours. Arg! The girl at the office is coming back from her maternity leave so hopefully she will be able to work out my schedule as the one who has been replacing her kinda sucks as like I said, I’m still working my damn Wed and I’ve been looking to get rid of it since last summer.

Anyways, my mucus is really annoying the heck out of me right now. I thought it was getting better but looks like it isn’t. The doc had said to take the spray for two weeks which it has been and nada. He had said to keep taking it if it wasn’t totally gone so I will keep taking it for another two weeks and if it’s not getting any better, I guess I will have to go see him again for something else. I’m just so freaking tired of this. I’m tired of a lot and trying to remain positive but sometimes it’s hard.

Alright, let’s go try that bath to see if it will make me feel better.




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