He swears it will be different

Well…. I gave in. Neal came over last night. After me crying and telling him he’s been an asshole lately he promised he would try harder. I tried to not give in but we ended up doing what we do best. I really hope it’s different this time. He promised he’s not going to flake on my bday. If he does I’m definitely done. The old Neal was my best friend. This new guy who is partying alot and being reckless is not the man I fell in love with. I get he’s grieving but we are adults and need to be responsible. I worry about his spiral. I told him I think he needs help. I just hope he gets some before it’s too late. Loving him has consequences. At some point I have to decide if he’s worth those consequences. 

2 thoughts on “He swears it will be different”

  1. Do you believe it WILL be different this time? If not, you’ve got to love your future self and prioritize your future happiness by making wise choices today, instead of prolonging the happiness that’s waiting for you. <3

  2. You obviously love Neil and I can appreciate that but if he is spiraling will a relationship help? Will it help you? If its love then it can be patient and it wont doubt in the waiting. If you dont mind my saying I think you deserve to nurse yourself too. It doesnt mean you wont be there for him and it doesnt mean you are cutting him off, it just means you are acknowledging yourself too, which is important to do before you do it for someone else. Neil needs to do the same so that even he is confident to say “it will be different this time”. If he is spiralling when will he find time to nurture you?

    I only know what I have just read and I am sure you have a much clearer view of your situation so I wont judge whatever you decide, as long as you are finally getting the quality of love you desire, exceeding even.

    Goodnight Rache86

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